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Dan Davie's Metal Masterpieces

Reserve World Champion Creative Forging 2006 
World Champion Creative Forging 2005
Reserve World Champion Creative Forging 2004
World Champion Creative Forging 2003

Dan Davie is recognized throughout the industry for the attention to detail of the sculpture and art pieces he manufactures. He has worked many hours developing his forging skills and anyone who has seen his ornamental work will appreciate the ability he has to shape and work metal. 

Dan Davie, World Champion Blacksmith 2003, Reserve World Champion Blacksmith 2004

Dan has been developing a new attitude within the craft producing more individual work which is a response to, and an expression of contemporary life. It may be made as single items, in small or large batches or to commission. Such individual work provides an alternative, or a complement to industrial mass production. 

Dan is a designer, an artist running a small business, with a guarantee that each piece is made by him alone. Dan is skilled in the hot forging of iron and other metals, he is not a fabricator. He is essentially concerned with the design and the making of a wide variety of decorative ironwork, ranging in size from tiny pieces which can be held in the hand to massive architectural work. 

Dan's metal art work is increasingly seen in art and craft galleries alongside glass, ceramics and jewellery, reflecting a new public appreciation of the smith’s work. Dan's larger work is usually commissioned directly by members of the public or by architects or interior designers requiring a special piece of work.

Major Results for Dan Davie. 

  • 1999 High Point Champion North Queensland Championships - Cairns

  • 2000 National High Point Champion – Canberra

  • 2002 State High Point Champion, Queensland RNA Brisbane.

  • 2002 High Point Champion North Queensland Championships - Mackay

  • 2002 National High Point Champion –Melbourne

  • 2003 High Point Champion North Queensland Championships – Mackay

  • 2003 World Champion Creative Forging – Calgary Canada.

  • 2004 Reserve World Champion Creative Forging  – Calgary Canada

  • 2005 World Champion Creative Forging – Calgary Canada.

  • 2006 Reserve World Champion Creative Forging



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